About Us


Marshall BioResources maintains a shared vision throughout our sites for sustainable, responsible and ethical operations. We incorporate these principles into how we plan and conduct our operations, and how we select and engage our business partners. Through these efforts, we maintain a culture of trust and dependability with our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the community.

As a company we uphold an essential set of core values.

Humane and Ethical Treatment of Animals. We are absolutely dedicated to ensuring high standards of animal care and welfare. We follow all applicable regional, national and local laws, rules and regulations; and we maintain voluntary accreditation with the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC International) for our US facilities.

Quality Management. We are committed to providing exceptional quality in all aspects of our operations, including the health and temperament of our animals, the level of service we provide, and in the business relationships we form. We have developed a formal, comprehensive quality management program that is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Business Ethics and Integrity. Marshall recognizes and promotes the importance of business integrity and fairness. We conduct our business in an ethical manner and adhere to all laws, rules, and regulations applicable to our operations. This includes laws and policies pertaining to fair business practices, labor, anti-discrimination, anti-corruption, and protection of the environment.

Positive Corporate Culture. We recognize our success only results from talented and enthusiastic employees. We are committed to treating our employees fairly and to creating an environment in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We ensure that our employees' comprehensive needs are met including access to healthcare, opportunities for career advancement, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and providing a pathway to retirement.

Health and Safety. We consider the provision of a healthy and safe work environment a fundamental responsibility in protecting our employees. We also encourage our staff to be actively engaged in our health and safety program to ensure it is dynamic and evolves as necessary.

Environmental Sustainability. We have an essential responsibility to protect the environment. We are compliant with all applicable environmental regulations and have further implemented methods for reducing our energy consumption and minimizing our waste disposal. Our sustainable energy program includes the use of geothermal heating and cooling systems, and solar energy systems. We continue to seek new opportunities to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and energy consumption, as well as reduce waste generation.

Community Relations. We are currently involved in many philanthropic activities around the world, and we encourage community service among our employees as well. We regularly provide opportunities for community involvement, such as sponsoring blood drives, food drives and local fundraising activities. We also provide continued support for our local schools and community activities.

Cultural Sensitivity. We have grown from a small local farm to a global company with locations around the world. Our management is sensitive to the differences in culture and language among our employees, and we remain committed to showing the utmost respect for local customs, beliefs and styles of social interaction at each of our locations.

Accountability. Our senior management is responsible for providing our vision and the guidance and resources necessary to achieve it, but every single employee has a responsibility to uphold our ethical standards as well. We have instituted a comprehensive system of self-regulation and review. All employees are also encouraged to report any concerns of illegal or unethical activities in the workplace without threat of reprisal, intimidation, or harassment. We maintain various mechanisms to ensure employees can access management both directly and anonymously with any concerns.