About Us


We recognize our success only results from talented and enthusiastic employees. Our employees remain the source of our innovation and our strength as a company. This ranges from the veterinary and animal care staff who ensure our animals receive the best treatment possible; to the security, maintenance and IT professionals who ensure we work in a safe and secure environment both physically and virtually; as well as our sales and marketing teams who provide our customers with the resources and support they need to continue their vital research. We rely on our staff every day for new ideas, including stimulating animal enrichment, improved cage design, better background data, and integration of new technology.

We encourage high employee retention by offering generous compensation packages, providing opportunities for career advancement and continuing education, creating a healthy work-life balance, and providing a pathway to retirement.

We provide opportunities for individuals with a variety of backgrounds:

  • Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Laboratory Technicians, Genetic Analysts
  • Truck Drivers, Mechanics, Welders, Electricians, Carpenters, Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Security, Information Technology, Quality Assurance
  • Customer Service, Marketing, Business Development
  • Accounting, Human Resources, Clerical and Administrative

North America

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