Transgenic and knockout mouse lines are available through our facilities in the United Kingdom. Our mouse lines are isolator or IVC maintained and monitored in accordance with FELASA recommendations. Health Profiles are available on request. We also offer services for genotyping, PCR and Southern blotting.

Mouse lines available:

IFNα/βR-/- (A129)
Interferon Alpha/Beta Receptor Null (Type I Interferon Receptor Knockout)

IFNα/β/γR-/- (AG129)
Interferon Alpha/Beta/Gamma Receptor Null (Type I & II Interferon Receptor Knockout)

Please contact us for pricing and availability of our outbred, inbred and transgenic mice in your region.

Please contact your local sales office for materials that were previously available through the Customer Access section of our website.

North America:

United Kingdom:


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