Marshall BioResources has been supplying quality animals for biomedical research for over 75 years. Raising happy and healthy animals has remained our primary area of expertise and our top priority.

Our attending veterinarian is responsible for the health and welfare of all Marshall animals, and our dedicated staff of animal care technicians provide daily care and socialization. Routine colony health monitoring is performed by both our in-house laboratory and external laboratories, and this helps us maintain an accurate profile of each colony's health status. Significant attention to detail in all aspects of our breeding and husbandry program ensures all procedures are performed accurately and are recorded properly. This process allows us to provide animals across the globe with known backgrounds that arrive with accurate and detailed health records.

We have developed species specific enrichment and socialization programs to provide increased stimulation and comfort within the animals' environments. In addition to social housing, all animals also receive comprehensive socialization from human care takers. Toys, chewing manipulada, bedding, and intricate cage designs are used as appropriate, based on the species, to provide a more complex and interactive environment. We continually evaluate new products and ideas that may offer more choice and enjoyment to the animals.

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