Göttingen Minipig Symposium 2018

August 15th - 16th, Chicago, IL

The minipig has become a valuable animal model for studying human disease and developing new therapeutic agents and devices. The Göttingen Minipig Symposium serves as an opportunity for individuals who work with and care for minipigs to gather and discuss new ideas and methods. The meeting provides an opportunity to discuss innovative methods of enrichment and socialization for these highly intelligent animals and opportunities to enhance their care and welfare.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A full day of talks and networking with other minipig users.

Topics include:

  • Telemetry in the Gottingen Minipig
  • Continuous Infusion in the Gottingen Minipig
  • Inhalation Studies with the Gottingen Minipig
  • Development of Disease Models

Lunch will be provided along with a networking reception on Wednesday evening.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Special topics and Workshops

Posters Welcome

We also welcome abstracts for posters that can be presented during coffee breaks. We encourage you to submit any posters that involve the Göttingen Minipig.

Register for the Meeting

Please contact with any questions. We hope to see you in August.