Delivery Services

Marshall maintains a fleet of customized transportation vehicles in the United States, Europe and China which ensure all of our animals are delivered to airlines or customer facilities in climate controlled comfort.

Several of our vehicles are designed with the ability to divide the cargo area into two distinctly separate compartments, complete with individual HVAC systems, and separate HEPA filtration. This facilitates shipment of barrier raised animals or different species of animals on the same truck while ensuring complete separation if needed. This allows us to reduce transport costs, and our carbon footprint by reducing the number of runs our trucks must make each year.

Animals are shipped in standard, International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved kennels or crates. We also have the option to ship barrier raised animals, or animals that have undergone preshipment pathogen screening, in filtered crates to minimize exposure during transit.

Marshall drivers are fully trained in all aspects of caring for animals in transit, and they ensure compliance with all live animal shipping regulations as well as internal company policies and procedures. We also work with several contract carriers who specialize in the transport of animals. Marshall animals are also often transported to many destinations via air cargo. We work with all transporters to ensure they follow regulatory guidelines, and they have the proper licensing and experience to ensure that the animals have a safe and comfortable journey. Collaboration with our customers to determine the most efficient method of transportation for each order is our priority.