Animal Health Services

Animal Health

Our steadfast commitment to animal health and welfare does not end with our commitment to the animals in our care. Marshall is also committed to supporting important veterinary research that enhances the lives of our pets and other animal companions as well.

Vaccine Field Safety Trials

In both the United States and the United Kingdom we can perform non-GLP vaccine field safety trials in both canines and ferrets to support the licensing for new veterinary vaccines.

Marshall is ideally suited to perform field safety trials as we use several veterinary vaccines ourselves to ensure the health of our animal colonies. We have a large variety of animals available, and populations can be selected based on age, sex, pregnancy/lactation status, and vaccination history.

APD/SPF Marshall Beagles®

Our colony of barrier raised, Antibody Profile Defined/Specific Pathogen Free beagles provide the cleanest health status available. Our dogs remain unvaccinated, and free of antibody titers for many canine pathogens of interest, making them an ideal model for the evaluation of animal health products.

Additional Contract Services

We can also offer a variety of additional services in many species at our laboratory in the United Kingdom, including non-GLP study services. For small animals, our dedicated isolator based facility allows us to receive animals with varying health status.

These services include:

  • Quarantine and Health Status Evaluation
  • Contract breeding and Housing
  • Genotyping and Tissue Collection
  • Environmental Monitoring

We can also provide services in large animals, including livestock, at our UK facilities including:

  • Field Safety Trials
  • Additional Non-GLP Experimental Protocols

Please contact us for more information about the various services we can provide.